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Product Description

Luxul Technology is world's leading provider LED energy-saving solutions. Luxul Invented the world's first UL certified LED Tubular Lampes which are compatible with Eletronic Ballast-driven fluorescent luminaries. Constructed with an industry-best beam angel of 300, Luxul lighting delivers the most consistent light distribution in the industry.

T5 Series

T5 2FT T5 3FT T5 4FT

T8 Series

T8 2FT T8 3FT T8 4FT T8 5FT T8 8FT

2G11 Series

2G11 1.33 Ft 2G11 1.85 Ft

U-Type Series

U-Type 1 inch
U-Type 3 inch
U-Type 6 inch