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Headquarters in Taiwan(image provide my tpark.com)

Company Info | ABOUT LUXUL

After earning his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, James Pan founded Luxul Technology in 2010. Since then, Luxul’s vision has focused on green innovation, providing customers with high quality smart lighting products that increase efficiency while lowering installation and energy costs.

Luxul Technology is the world’s first company that patented an LED tube lamp product. Luxul’s EazyLux T5 and T8 LED lamps are the world’s first LED tube lights that are compatible with existing fluorescent lamps.

Luxul Technology’s research and development teams in the United States and Taiwan consist of engineers from such disciplines as electrical, optical, mechanical, software, graphic and art designs. Backed by more than fifty (50) worldwide patents, our mission remains focused on applying world-class technologies to lighting products that benefit end users, while promoting energy and environment conservation.

Simplicity over complexity. That’s Luxul Technology. Re-imagine what is possible.